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July 11th, 2013, 04:12 PM
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My daughter is 6, and she had an IEP during her kindergarten year. At the end of the year meeting, the school suggested (VERY STRONGLY) that she be placed in a K-2 special ed class. I went to observe the class, (I'm also a former teacher) and decided the special ed classroom would not be the least restrictive environment for her. I decided this based on her skills- she knows all letters, numbers, letter sounds, sight words, can add and subtract with some help, and can write dictated sentences (using sight words.)

The other reason was that there were about 11 boys in the class and 1 girl, (who was going to a third grade class). My daughter is very social, and she needs same gender friends also. The special ed class was also in another school, separate from the school where the IEP took place. This would mean that my son and daughter would be in different schools.

As of right now, the school and my spouse and I have settled on placing her in another kinder class next year, basically repeating the whole year. However, what I really want is for her to have an aide that would keep her and other IEP students on task in a mainstream 1st grade class. My question is- Is there any California law that supports me on this? As I see it, that would be the least restrictive environment. Another question I have is- Would this be the best placement for her? Her main problem is focus and staying on task, not academics, although they tested her iq and found it low (79). I think it is ridiculous to test a 5 yr.old's iq (I took three different iq tests and the results ran the gamut from borderline retarded to above average .) Anyone have similar experiences or suggestions?
Thank you.
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