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July 11th, 2013, 05:49 PM
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I dont have a diaper sprayer.. but I bought those good rubber gloves at target and put those on and if the poop is mucky I put it in the toilet and just rub the poop off as best I can.. occasionally I will use the kitchen sink with the hot hot water and rinse it down (of course disinfect the sink after use.) At 12 months though 'most' of the time I am able to just wiggle the poop off the diaper into the toilet and flush and the rest of it goes into the washer.
I started clothing when mine was around 9 months old due to her developing an allergic reaction. So I haven't dealt with newborn cloth Diapering.
Cloth diapering is awesome! And if I have another one will CD from the start! It's obviously a bit more work than just throwing it away but so worth it for my babys bottom.

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