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July 11th, 2013, 08:32 PM
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Ill try to keep this post short...I recently gave birth to my son 6/8/13, I bled for about 3 weeks. I also am ebf, but I do give him a pacifer from time to time. Anyways at my 4wk check up I was given the ok to dtd, the next day my so and I dtd it was sun 6/7...we didnt use protection, he pulled out way in advance (yes I know that its not a safe form of bc and that there's more than likely precum). The next day I went and got plan b and took it just a little over 24 hrs after we dtd.

Three days ago I had slight cramps here and there when I'd bf (haven't had cramps since the day after birth) yesterday I had some creamy watery white-ish dischage n today its def blood tinged stretchy cm.

So do you think this discharge from the plan b? Or am I getting my pd? Or do you think it could be implantation?

Thanks ladies!

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