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July 11th, 2013, 08:42 PM
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1. How much have you gained? I've gained 12 pounds (not saying what I was or am now!).
2. Are you concerned about weight gain or don't really mind it? I'm not worried about gaining weight at the moment because I am pregnant. Unfortunately I had already put on 25 pounds the year and a half prior to getting pregnant from not being able to exercise with the out of control asthma.
3. What's your plan to get back in shape after baby? At the moment there isn't a plan. My asthma has gotten so bad there wont be a plan unless my doctors can help me find out whats going on and how to get it under control. If that happens, then I imagine I could lose the weight by getting back into my activities of hiking, backpacking, etc. We use to be pretty active, well DH still is, but I would like to go back to joining him.
4. What's one thing you are enjoying about your body right now (other than the growing baby!)? I love the baby bump!! And it's amazing feeling baby girl kicking around more and more every day. Other than that not liking the uncontrollable farting and pee leaks, gas, acid reflex, burping, waddling, pregnancy-induced-dementia (AKA prego brain). So not very graceful or lady-like right now .

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