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July 11th, 2013, 08:48 PM
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I'm brand new to the forum. I feel so alone in all this. I thought I could find some emotional support (even if only from one person) on a forum from women who are experienced in this.

I was married in February, became pregnant in March, found out I was high-risk after an ER visit for a high fever, husband had an affair and left shortly after. Having liver complications so far, and elevated protein levels in my kidneys. My spleen and liver are enlarged. Was diagnosed (finally!) with SLE (Lupus). Became homeless because I'm on bed rest and cant work, but found a friend's spare room to sleep in (thank God!).

As for the baby, so far he has echogenic bowel and heart calcifications, and his amniotic fluid tested positive for CMV. I'm now almost 19 weeks. Doc says if he survives, he'll undoubtedly be special-needs.

Has anyone been through all this? Any encouraging words?
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