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July 11th, 2013, 11:37 PM
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For our US mamas, did you do anything special to celebrate the 4th? I don't think I did... I can't really remember, I probably cleaned that day or painted the baby's room. We're still getting the house settled.

Check in with us and let us know how you're doing!

What's your name? Danee
Where are you from? Louisiana and currently in SoCal
Kids ages and names? Mason, 16 months
What's been up this past month? Getting settled into our home, lots of painting and hunny do lists = )
What are you looking forward to in July? Pool time, we've been there almost everyday that it's sunny out.

Preggers Check in:

EDD: Oct 23rd
Gender if known: Blue
Planning to birth at home, hospital, or birth center: Birth center
How are you feeling? Good overall, my ankles are swelling a lot now so I have to take breaks to prop them up.
Anything exciting or that concerns you lately? I feel like I won't be ready for this kid when he comes! We've painted his room, bought 4 CDs, ordered his carseat that's backordered, but that's it lol. We are reusing a lot of things but I still fill so behind.
Share a recent belly pic if you have one!


He's super low and super huge! I cannot imagine how big I'll be at 40 weeks. Gah!

Originally Posted by MissusF View Post
What's your name? Melissa
Where are you from? California
Kids ages and names? Claire 16 months
What's been up this past month? This summer has been a whirlwind. We found out a few weeks ago that my husband was selected for a transfer to West Virginia. This is bittersweet because we are from the East coast and want to move back closer to family but at the same time we don't want to move to WV and we were thinking it would be at least a year before we moved. So now it looks like he will have to report in September. We get a ten day house hunting trip that will have to happen later this month and then we have a vacation planned in San Diego at the beginning of August. As soon as we get back from that we will have to start moving. So life will be busy!
What are you looking forward to in July? Nothing really, lol! I guess seeing our new town and hopefully finding a house to rent will be exciting but I'm so afraid I'll be disappointed by it all.
You're coming to San Diego???? Message me on FB! Actually I will if I don't forget lol.
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