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July 12th, 2013, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Counting our Blessings View Post
I'm not sure what condition you are dealing with, but gaining 6 lbs in a few days sounds worrisome. Is your blood pressure under control?
I was really worried about that too. It scared me. That is almost half of what I've gained this entire pregnancy! My doctor said it was fine though. My BP has been fantastic the whole pregnancy and my catch was clean.

Their premise for induction is that "every woman" with GD gets induced at 39 weeks and I "have to do what everyone else does." This is despite my excellent BP, clean catches, perfect sugars, minimal weight gain, and the baby's weight being estimated at exactly what it should be. And now with my cervix the way it is, the only thing they will do is break my waters before using pitocin. I am not comfortable with either option.

Contractions have been 10-30 apart for a few hours now, which isn't very impressive, but it is something new for me. I really hope she makes her appearance this weekend so I don't have to have this fight.

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