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July 12th, 2013, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Guenivere View Post
Oh yeah - about the prolactin: dr said what I did (just a little squeeze, I thought) was "excessive" stimulation and that can really jack w/ prolactin levels. I didn't know that! I thought it would take something like nursing/pumping to do that. At any rate, she said if yesterday's prolactin comes back elevated they'll just consider that invalid and test again.
sorry I haven't been on but I was busy making the most of our English summer lol ,mini heat wave !! the infor the ladies have give you is right as far as I know , I also like lucy think its late in the cycle to be starting clomid ,I did look into why doctors ask you to take it at different times ,here is what I read ,the earlier you take it in your cycle its for making more eggs ( so would give you more of a chance that you catch one ) the later you take it is for one good quality egg that matures and releases hopefully,this is only what iv read on line ,google is a good tool

my doctor offered me to take clomid d2 to d6 and bd hoping for the best ,or d2 to d6 oand see him around d11 scan to cheak size of eggs then a trigger shot to make sure the egg or eggs realise .then dh and I bd when doctor tells us prob with in 24 to 36 hrs , I opted for the trigger shot ,as at my age thought it may work out better .

if you are not happy with your doctor go back ask questions also go on to the medical *** board the girls on there have so much insight on going down this root , hope this helps , good luck

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