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July 12th, 2013, 04:07 AM
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First, I don't think you're nuts. It's a lot of red flags and I'd probably be a bit paranoid as well. I always get nervous during the last trimester about the scenario you're talking about.

Also in normal conditions its scary to be alone without dh. But the cheating thing is IMO a normal pregnancy fear. A month ago my dh and his co-workers took a visiting group from England out to a local bar. I have no idea why but by the time he got home my imagination was out of control and he thought I was crazy.

It's probably good for you to type all that out because part of what makes you feel nuts is having it all swim around in your head. One thing you could do is get a 4D u/s done of his face, frame it and have it at work. All my family and friends agree that mine looks just like my other kids, especially my 3 yr old. We all feel like we've kinds met him. It might make you feel more in control. Almost like sending the message to her that everyone knows what your baby looks like so she can't pass it off as her own.

It's sad if she's faking
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