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July 12th, 2013, 07:00 AM
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I can't believe that I have 25 days until full term and 39 days until my c section! Honestly I am so beyond ready. I have been crying a lot lately. I am in so much pain EVERY day. Hips/pelvis, sciatic nerve on both sides now! Lower back pain, rib cage pain, burning under my right boob because he is on some nerves that makes it feel like my skin is literally on fire! I just can't do this anymore. I literally can barely move! Everyone tells me I can do this, I know I can Im a strong woman. It's just so painful now. They are saying he is already about 7 pounds. We are thinking he will be about 10 pounds when he is born! So Im already feeling a lot of pressure. He is head down and starting to get low. I'm having tons of Braxton Hicks.

I know I said I was unsure if I wanted another baby, but being honest here I think Im done after Dominic.. I am just so miserable right now and I just cry all the time and Im not sleeping. I don't think I want to be pregnant again.. Being Pregnant with Gabe it was NEVER this bad. I know every pregnancy is different but Im worried the next one would be worse or the same.

Gabriel is doing good! He LOVES to swim and is now fearless of the water! He will run and jump into the deep end. (wearing a life vest of course) We go swimming every sunday now as a family day. I also love wearing my whale suit and getting in it's really good pain relief.

How have you been doing?? How are you feeling and how is work? Did you finish your final weeks yet? How is Ava? I need an update! It's been awhile since we've talked.

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