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July 12th, 2013, 08:52 AM
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Awe I'm so sorry you are feeling miserable I wish I could do something to help! You are not alone with not sleeping and not being able to get comfortable its the same here!!!! I feel for you feeling like your skin is on fire that has to be a horrible feeling!!!!

Awe Gabe sounds like Aiyana a water lover!!! The water is so relaxing I think we may go to the local water park here or the man made beach it has water rides and its like $7 bucks to go I can't wait to just relax in some water!!!!!

Ava is doing well growing and kicking me to death lol! Its exciting that we are so close I am SOOOO over being pregnant and will NOT be going through this again (I had a talk with Jesus about it lol)!!! I am ready to meet her but I stil feel like I have a lot to do before she arrives...EEK!!!!!

Work is on my nerves but I'm ok...I have a wrok countdown going on too 20 days lol!!! I have applied for some other FT jobs as much as I want to stay home with Ava for like at least the first 6 months IF we get the kids that will be adding on so much I just want my income to be our safe/extra $$$. DH doesn't want me to do it but I want to, so I will probably start off coming back pt for a few months and then finding a good paying ft position somewhere. Good thing is Nana will be daycare even if I choose to put her in a facility it will only be one that my mom has decided to take a job at!

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