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July 12th, 2013, 10:19 AM
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My sister was just diagnosed with MRSA. She had what we thought was a bite over the weekend that happened to be in an unfortunate spot (muffin top crease). And she kept messing with it. It got bad enough for her to go in to a clinic Wednesday. The clinic promptly sent her to the ER. We figured staph, but from what I've googled, MRSA is a particularly resistant nasty bit.

Has anyone dealt with it? Gotten rid of it? She's on Bactrim now. They cut the boil/sore and packed it.

As for me, my doctor said simply being around her should be OK. Avoid direct contact, no hugging. But we didn't know it was MRSA then.

And for the kicker: this weekend she and my SO were working together in my house pulling up flooring. So they got all gross and sweaty together. Yay.

Any anecdotes? Advice?

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