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July 12th, 2013, 10:26 AM
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Well, it was summer here when it happened but winter there... so it kind of fits?

At the end of year 10 I went on a trip to France with my school, we flew to Paris (via Thailand, we spent a day there) and drove in a bus down to Nice (and stopped off in Monaco and Italy just because we could).

It was a huge point of maturing for me, no way were my parents going to pay $5000 for me to gallivant around France for a month so I had to pay for it myself so I worked and saved money for 2 years to be able to go and I think that doing something so big without them was fantastic for me (we did have teachers there, but they gave us a very large amount of freedom). Sure, I did a lot of stupid things in France, I was 15-16 after all (also had my 16th birthday there) but I learned a lot from it.
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