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July 12th, 2013, 10:59 AM
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Today was the absolute last day I could do it and still get it in before week 28. My appointments got skewed (it was like six weeks between the last two), so I nearly missed the bus - they told me on Weds that I needed to do it before the week was up. Whoops.

Anyway I'm 1/2 hour in. It was orange. And gross. You'd think they could dilute it a bit more? I'm sure there's a reason they don't. It better be a good one.

I have the jitters like whoa. My husband and I are nerdy DIY types, and so we happen to own a small glucose monitor. I'm doing my own readings right before I go in for the official ones, so I'll have decently-valid results as the test concludes. Wish me luck. Blech.

Oh, and as an aside - anyone else suddenly have their baby moving ALL THE TIME? IDK if the critter finally ran out of extra space, but s/he was busy ALLLLL day yesterday, and it's continuing today. It's like night and day from a few days ago. Totally weird.

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