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July 12th, 2013, 04:51 PM
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I think she sounds like a nut job, not you! I've thought of those same types of things though when I am pregnant or have a newborn. Like I don't want to put the stork sign in the yard because I don't want a crazy person to steal my baby. Or the last pregnancy I was sitting in the car at the grocery a couple of weeks before I was due and someone came up to ask me about the car.... I thought it was wierd and rolled up my window and locked the doors..

I would keep her at a distance, and maybe spread a couple of rumors that you have someone coming to stay with you after having the baby, or that you got a dog or whatever. Maybe that when he is born that he has a very unique birthmark somewhere so she would think that if she was crazy enough to do something stupid, she'd get caught. Keep your distance and don't feed her fuel for anything real...just in case.
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