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July 12th, 2013, 10:19 PM
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I had been doing some reading up on gluten on and off, and just realizing how bad it is. I guess most people are affected by it in ways they don't typically associate with diet, or if they do, they don't think of gluten first. Because I knew that so many people are sensitive to it, even if they don't have celiac disease, I wanted to start with eliminating gluten and then try dairy if we got no results from gluten free. It's daunting knowing you might have to try something drastic for a stretch of time, and have it still not answer questions, and I was so worried we could be trying diet changes for a year before discovering his issue. But, honestly, I would suspect gluten first with your daughter and then go from there. What gluten does, is it tears up your intestines and stomach, allowing all the junk a person could eat, to go straight into their bloodstream. So, true, it may be something else that she is eating that is actually the irritant, but its the gluten that often allows the other things to bother us in the first place. You could get her tested, but its a much better test just to go gluten free for a while and see. The tests aren't perfectly conclusive anyway. My son takes communion with no trouble. But he can't eat a slice of pizza without getting a headache. I don't think he's celiac, but he's just sensitive to it. I read something the other day that said if you have the bumpy dry sort of skin on the back of your arm, it could be an indication of a gluten allergy on some level. Whether or not that is true or not, I dunno, but, I do remember a marked change in my daughter when she was starting to eat more foods. She had the softest skin and then suddenly had bumps, like dry skin bumps all over the backs of her arms. She is not gluten free, but we are transitioning that direction as a family.
FYI, gluten free is way easier than you might think. If you need good recipes, I like the wellness mama blog. But she does NO grains, not just gluten free. She's more paleo. Also, you can buy gluten free rice pasta, that tastes almost the exact same. Theres even a sort of oreo type gluten free cookie called ktoos . And, most of the time, we just skip whatever bread we were going to have with our meat and vegetables. Your daughter might not even need to know she's on a diet while you test it out. .
Are her symptoms really bothersome for her?

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