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July 12th, 2013, 10:40 PM
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Just wanted to let you all know I had my baby this afternoon. I'll update with details and pics later. I'm at the hospital, doing good, very quick labor. My girl is 1lb 11oz, she has a long road ahead of her but she's moving a lot. Tiniest thing ever, only 24 weeks 6 days along. It all hasn't really hit me yet, I'm still just in shock. I can't believe she's here.

**** update ****
Thank you everyone. It's been a long afternoon/night. I've been trying to sleep so I can spend today with her. The NICU here is really good. But they've have quite a few premies born just in the last few days. They thought they might have to transfer her to a different hospital about an hour away. As long as she's taken care of.

I came to the hospital the day before because I thought my water had broken but they checked me and said I was ok and it wasn't broken, cervix was closed. I just wasn't able to hold my bladder. I went home, felt okay, they said to keep doing what I was doing and take it easy.
Friday morning I woke up feeling a little sick, body aches, headache, fever but i did not think it was anything major. I went to work and started feeling really low abdominal cramping. It wasn't a lot but when it didn't stop that's when I got concerned. It was between 45 min to an hour. By lunchtime even my coworkers said I looked sick and I should go home. I told them I was going to the hospital. I had to pick up my son first and then drove myself here. The cramps were getting stronger and about 5 minutes apart. I realized they were contractions then. By the time I was at the hospital, checked in and the nurse saw me they were less than 2 min apart. The doctor checked me and said I was 3 cm dilated, she could feel the head and I would be having the baby. That was 3pm. They rushed to get me ready and tried to get me an epidural. I was begging for it because the contractions got bad. Finally she got the epidural hooked up and ready to give me and I could just feel her coming. I'm trying to tell someone "She's coming out". Someone looked and her head was already out, the rest of her just slipped out, 4:50 pm.
They worked on her for about 30 min, got her heart beating, tube down her throat, then they took her to the NICU. It was about 3 hours before I got to see her.

I'll keep you updated. Thank you again.

**** update ****

Valentina Maria

Well she's still moving around a lot. I got to see her several times. My parents and sis in law saw her also. Earlier it was pretty scary. The doctor came in and told me that she wasn't responding to the oxygen and they had it on at 100%. They showed me an xray and she had very little air in her lungs, despite the oxygen they've been giving her, which means no oxygen was getting into her blood or other organs. Because she's so tiny there is a chance she might not make it. I've been crying a lot. I don't even know what to do right now.
So their next option was to put her on some type of gas, nitrous gas, i don't know if that's the right name for it. They put her on it and she's getting more oxygen now, doing a little better. The nurse is with her the whole time taking care of her. She said it up to the baby now. The first 24-72 hours are really critical to see how she'll be doing. After that the first several weeks are the next important milestone.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support.

**** update ****

One small update for today. I'm going home right now but I just went to see her right now. She had a good night, the gas they gave her worked so she's getting oxygen now. She is however the sickest baby in the NICU right now. The doctor is giving her an 85% chance right now. They have several tests they have to do today, brain ultrasound to check for bleeding and a spinal tap. Its hard to look at her in that box, tubes in and out of her, her chest moving up and down so fast due to the machine.
Thank you for praying for her.

**** update ****

here are a few more pics. again than you for all of the prayers and support. i really appreciate all of it.
also my mom set up this page for us. besides all of the heartbreak and emotional side of this i never took in to account the financial side of this. i have insurance for her but things always come up. and driving to and from the hospital everyday is definitely going to starting to add up. i hate to ask for anything from anyone but i'd appreciate it if you could make share this link, facebook, twitter, anything helps. The Valentina's Momma Fund by Elke Zoske - GoFundMe

btw the gas that they had her on worked, so they were able to turn it off last night. that's one good thing. her heartbeat, blood pressure and oxygen levels are doing good, staying steady. this morning they did an echocardiogram but i don't know the results of that just yet. the brain ultrasound did show a grade 3 hemorrhage. the doctor said he'll go over all of that with me later but they will be keeping an eye on it for now. they're really just trying to keep her stable. she's on a lot of medication and they're keeping her sedated so she wont be in any pain and so she wont move around a lot using up blood and oxygen her body needs.

she's very sensitive to touch because her skin is still so thin. but i was able to touch her and hold her arms for about 10 minutes.

her little body is bruised again because he skin is so thin and sensitive. they also said most preemies are delivered by c-section because vaginal delivery is very traumatic to their little bodies. and every time they have to use tape to hold IVs and other tubes to her it damages the skin too.

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