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July 13th, 2013, 09:55 AM
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My husband has a brusied rib now, so he won't be able to paint. My father in law will have to do it. But we still have to buy the paint, and that's gonna be a hassle with him too. tomorrow Isabel will be 1 month old. I have these monthly stickers for pictures so we are going to use them, though it will stink to not be able to take all the pictures in the same place for her first year.

I also got her THIS! (not sure if you remember, I wanted it but it sold out before I could get it. Well, now I was able to get it!)

I'll be getting it in one more color next month, too. Just love these quilts, and they have the AIW theme

I get to see Isabel for an hour or so every night. Last night we were there for 1 1/2 hours because the whole time she was having bradycardia and I couldn't leave her like that. A few times she started to turn blue from apnea. It's scary. At this point, it's most likely she will come home on a monitor. She has worse Bradycardia and apnea than most preemies, too, so the hospital arranged infant CPR for us. As you know, we were going to do that anyway, and pay for it, but for preemies with extra trouble with this that don't self resolve they do a class. It's next Wednesday at 8pm.

I'm still worried about you. Please keep me updated as often as possible. You can text me, facebook me, message me here, post to this thread. I check all the time and respond as soon as I can. I wonder what they will say at your next appt. I am hoping you actually go into labor before then.
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