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July 13th, 2013, 02:15 PM
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So I'm curious how you all feel about small children and technology? Not trying to start a "hot" topic here, I just wonder if I am out of line in my thinking?

My SIL has 4 girls, ages 5, 3, and 1 (twins). The two older ones have both had their own iPods since they were each 2 years old, and currently have iPod Touches (bought new, for Christmas). My MIL mentioned to me the other day that they are getting Kindle Fires for Christmas this year. Umm...why? They are 3 and 5. For what reason do they need ANY of that? I can understand having your own iPad or Kindle Fire, and downloading apps that are child-oriented, and letting them use it for X amount of time. But really, they both need their own brand new Kindle Fires?

I'm sorry, but this whole situation seems grossly unreasonable to me, and I do not think that children that small need their own handheld media devices of any sort. I also am on the "my 10 year old doesn't need his own cell phone" bandwagon. For emergencies only, and only for times when we would be separated for whatever reason (camp, or staying with a relative, etc) - sure, that's fine. But so that my kid looks "cool?" No.

Am I completely out of line here? I know that we are in a technologically advanced world, and things like this are becoming common practice, but I just don't agree with it and will not be doing these things for my children. They can play with my iPad for X amount of time, and it will be educational tools - and then it will go back to being MY iPad.

I am just baffled by this whole thing!

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