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July 13th, 2013, 03:57 PM
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3 and 5 is very young IMO to have such an EXPENSIVE "toy." I have a Nook tablet, and both my girls look at Sesame Street books on it. I'm fine with that. Would I get their own? Hell no! lol I would like to upgrade in a year or two. I'm in no rush. Then they can either have mine or mine will go to DH who has a regular Nook. They can then play with his. It's a bit different, though. They are several years old, and they will be cast-offs.

I had my own Walkman around 7 or 8. I've always loved music. I can see getting them an inexpensive mp3 player when they are a little older than 5. Maybe the boom box equivalent. Also depends on the child.

I have a friend whose family saved to buy her 10 year old grandson a 3-D gameboy. 3-DS? They saved $300 for this gift from what I gathered, and they are not a well off family. It was Christmas. That $300 piece of equipment lasted that 10 year old with anger management problems a grand total of THREE HOURS.

I know I want my kids kind of raised like me. One gadget, a Walkman. Some dolls. I didn't have a ton of toys. Just dolls. I had a bike for outside, and I had lots of neighborhood children to play with. My oldest carries around baby toys that play songs like it's a little radio. Maybe soon I can find her something child friendly to play her music. Autism, though... She'll chew headphones to bits, she'll break a boom box... It'll probably be a few years before she gets anything like that!
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