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July 13th, 2013, 08:51 PM
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Iím kinda worried, My bf came inside of me this past Monday. (We donít use condoms, Iím on birth control but honestly I donít take it like I should all of the time.) anyway, two days after we had sex when I peed after I wiped there was faint pink on the paper. The second time I wiped nothing was there. Then for the next two days there was light brown when I wiped, barely noticeable.

Iím kinda freaking out because Iím pretty sure I ovulated the day we had sex or somewhere around that day. thick, white discharge inside and on the outside of my lips (sorry tmi) well, the funny thing is that now..5 days after sex my cervix is still soft and high, but now itís very tightly closed and I can barely reach it itís so high. (Since originally writing this post, cervix now seems a bit lower but still tightly closed, very wet, and soft. I know it hasnít even been a week yet so I canít test yet..I mean it isnít the only time weíve had sex this month but itís the only time heís came inside of me.

My stomach has been cramping pretty much every day since Wednesday and today my breasts are a little heavy/sore. On Tuesday I began feeling lightheaded and dizzy and having hot flashes. I get dizzy/light headed when I stand up and I feel a constant pressure/bloated feeling in my stomach. The only thing that seems to help the hot flashes is going outside for fresh air, but unfortunately it's summer time in Georgia so I can imagine y'all can understand my frustration!

Ladies, can you offer some advice and peace of mind on this? I know itís gotta be too early to be feeling things like this, right?!? Honestly I wouldnít really mind if I got pregnant, Iím in a stable relationship and we both have stable jobs. Itís just scary cause we donít really want it for at least a few years..ugh idk Iím probably just freaking myself out right? Someone tell me I am!!
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