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July 14th, 2013, 04:24 AM
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Just quit now. Unfortunately many moms smoke while pregnant. My neighbor just had a baby girl this past February. She is a heavy smoker to begin with and didn't so much as slow down while pregnant. Luck for her, the baby is perfectly healthy.
Stopping now will make you and your baby feel so much better. Try to find some other stress release. I was a smoker for years and quit. You can do it. if you have an ultrasound pic, put it someplace that you will see it so you won't buy cigs. My mom used to put pics of us kids on her cigarette pack and everytime she went for one, she had to look at us first. It didn't stop her all the time, but it did stop her most of the time. You and your baby deserve a healthy start. Good luck. Don't beat yourself up. Just don't smoke
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