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July 14th, 2013, 09:12 AM
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I don't think that I would buy that young of kids Kindles (personally) BUT my 2 year old loves my iPhone and iPad and hes quite amazing on it. It didn't take him long to figure out how to pick out different apps and get to where he wants. He even knows how to click out of most ads! That said, I try to limit the amount he's on it, and they are mommy's not Sawyers. There are times he's tried to grab them out of my hands while I'm using them, and that's not okay. He has to ask and say please/thank you.

I used to be in the boat of--I will never just hand my phone over to my kid. Then I had a kid. And it does kind of come with what's mine is yours--as well as it's an easy fix if you need to get something done. He loves to watch Curious George on it and does the baby sign apps and colors. He also does a balloon pop which has helped him learn the names of different objects and colors. Obviously it's not a stand in for actual parent teaching, but he is learning from it and it is the world that he will grow up in.

DH's mom was one who made them save up for any electronic devices they wanted and pretty much banned video games from their house. It was totally counter productive-- when it came to college and he had no one to limit stuff for him he ended up failing every other semester because he skipped class and played video games.

I think limits are good, I want my kids to be social and make friends and not just be stuck inside staring to a screen all day long! Balance like anothermother said is key!

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