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July 14th, 2013, 10:03 AM
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Happy anniversary, M2M!

Amira, prayers for a safe (and soon!) delivery for you. I'm having the back and pelvis pain, too, I know where you're coming from and I only have 3 kids to take care of right now!

UM I also would not like that MW. Someone needs to introduce her to science. Sorry she said such silly and discouraging things infront of your nervous hubby.

Beach sounds nice! Hubby and I went for a swim yesterday while the kids were having quiet time. I usually only swim with the kids and it was SO relaxing to just float around with no one to take care of and felt so good to get the weight off my hips for a while, I could actually move my leg without feeling like I was being electrocuted! It was awesome. But I also got sun burnt, so my big hope for today is to clean the kitchen and then go sit in my recliner watching trashy tv and letting the AC unit blow on my lobster legs!

We had more visitors this weekend--DH's brother, SIL and baby. It was nice to see them, but seriously NO ONE did a single dish. Everything is a mess. I am the only one who cleaned anything. And it's all a mess again today. Even the little stuff--like someone used the last of the tp in the bathroom. They pulled the basket out from under the sink to get a new roll, put the new roll on top of the toilet, the 2 extra rolls on top of the sink and didn't even push the basket back under the sink. I mean, it took me a single minute to fix all of that but the principle of the thing just got me all pissed off. I'm ready for a day off. I forgot that DH invited MORE friends to come visit next weekend and has midterms the weekend after that. I'm so over July. I'll completely exhausted.
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