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July 14th, 2013, 10:17 AM
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Good luck Sarah! Keep us updated! Your embryos are so cute! Love that you posted them!

Tina how are you?

Jennifer, any updates?

Well it's the day after my retrieval and I am still in some pain. Nothing like yesterday though. I got home and slept and woke up in tremendous pain. Took some pain meds and went back to sleep and then watched movies the rest of the day. The cramping has gone but i am just still sore, and sorry, kind of personal but very gassy. Wasn't sure if that was normal or not. Did anyone else feel that way?

As for the retrieval. They retrieved 15 eggs! =) that seems to be a magic number they say! And I just got the call today that 10 fertilized. =). I am very happy about that. I am on the 5 day transfer, so I go back on Thursday. I cannot wait to hear more about everything.

Thanks everyone for checking on me!
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