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Hi ladies,

I just got a BFP and my son is two weeks shy of 1-year and is still nursing about 4 times a day. I wasn't planning on getting pregnant again so soon and was keen to let him wean at his own pace but I'm not sure how I feel about tandem nursing. However, it was my goal to be down to just bedtime and breakfast nursing sessions by 18 months.

I guess I have two questions,

1) I've noticed a dip in my supply and he's been waking up at night to nurse - which I think is related. I know that's normal. I'm just wondering if it will rebound or if this will be somewhat of a struggle throughout the entire pregnancy?

2) To those who have or are tandem nursing.. I guess what do you think of it? Is it hard? Oz will be 20 months when the new baby is due.

I know its still a while off to worry about it, but I don't really enjoy thinking about the prospect of weaning him before the baby comes, though I know lots of moms do it.

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