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July 14th, 2013, 07:40 PM
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My sister and brother have tablets (9 and 10) but they are Samsung galaxy tabs, like first generation so I know they're not expensive. They dont play outside though and I find that crazy! Especially since they have a fenced in backyard that is safer. when I was young I never got to play outside because my dad worked 12+ hours a day and had no one to watch me out there, but even I played with other toys than just electronics lol.
I see parents spoiling their kids with their own cell phones and Ds games at 3-4 and I do feel that is young. Letting them play with my tablet and phone is no problem (it's part of the reason I just got a new tablet...well not really, but I told Dh that haha) but their own? I dont see myself doing that, but I wont know until I crack and do it
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