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July 14th, 2013, 10:47 PM
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Jenilope, I think we all sympathize with your last paragraph lol

BM8, when you're done wanna come do my place?

UM....stop doing so much!

#5, deep breaths and enjoy your trip!

FW, a long hot bath, some candles, music and an adult beverage of your choice? Honestly when I get like that I clean, not sure why but it works....and the house looks good lol

Megan is the proud new parent of a 6-7 day old field mouse that she rescued from the irrigation canal. So she will be getting up every hour to an hour and half, feeding it, rubbing it's belly and helping it poop. Told her she couldn't go to school tomorrow if she didn't have a plan cause I was NOT watching it. I did make it some oat milk though since I have no formula around. I guess her boyfriend will take it while she is in school. I have no clue how their shared parenting is going to work.

Had a nice anni, we didn't do anything but it was still a good day. In 2 years it will be 25 years. I figure we should at least do something for that one.
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