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July 15th, 2013, 06:26 AM
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You know this whole pregnancy I was wondering if "nesting" was ever going to kick in.. I saw so many ladies already nesting and getting ready. I was wondering why I didn't feel the same way. Then when I started realizing that I didn't "feel" Dominic was the right name. I was having a hard time with bonding because I just knew it wasn't him. I opened up to David and told him how I felt. (he loved the name dominic) He said if you can find a name I like better than Dominic we can change it. So I started my hunt. Well.. I DID find one and we both agreed that's PERFECT for him!! I feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders now, I can't stop smiling. I even have started "nesting" This name is meant for him and I FEEL it!

As I get closer Im just starting to realize I only have 36 days until the c section to finish washing clothes, blankets, towels, cleaning all the equipment (play pen, car seat) setting up his area in our room and even buying what's last on the list. I am getting more excited to meet him now.
I still have the aches and pains. Im feeling that he is dropping more and more everyday because of the low pressure and heaviness. I'm getting braxton hicks through out the day everyday now. Im wondering if he will even wait until the 20th! lol As long as he waits until 37 weeks.

How are you feeling lately? Still achy as well? Are you done everything or do you still need to do stuff? How are you feeling knowing it's getting closer?

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