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July 15th, 2013, 07:42 AM
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See, that's my issue. We used to have them wayyyy more often, its just been far too hot, and obviously more often at the cottage. Our neighbour has them every weekend. Sometimes both Friday and Saturday. Does not bother me one bit. I think its awesome!

The neighbour next to them however, has called bylaw. Bylaw came and checked everything out and its fine, proper distance from the house, fence and shed. And they always have them between 7pm and 12am, which is what is allowed here. The past 2 weekends, she has come over and YELLED at him, calling him names, he needs to put it out because she can smell it....etc. (this is the one that came and freaked out at him because his granddaughter was jumping on her trampoline and could see over the fence into her backyard and she didn't want her doing that...).

So I guess the consensus is fire are ok. She's just bat-*hit crazy lol.
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