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July 15th, 2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by babymama10 View Post
Thats so funny because Emma's favorite food is Rice cereal. She loves all her fruits and veggies with rice cereal.
Ladies ,what ever happened to all the good baby flavors in baby food jars. Its been 8 years since our last baby until Emma and all the good ones are gone.
For example : Tooty Fruity
: Fruit dessert
: Kiwi fruit flavors
: Yogurt/fruit flavors
and other meat/veggie combos. I usually have always bought mostly Gerber and sometimes Beechnut.
Does anyone know just how "organic" the Gerber jars labeled "organic" really are?
I am buying a baby food blender. Mine has been used by so much for my children that the blades are dull and rusty.. YUCK!!
I did notice that a lot of flavors are gone. They just kept basic fruits and veggies (Beechnut and Gerber). There is another brand that has a lot of organic purees and they have more interesting flavors. I'll have to get some of those, soon. I do use one organic brand (Earth's Best) to get prunes, and they have a yogurt/fruit mix.

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