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July 15th, 2013, 11:59 AM
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Hot, hot, hot! It's 38 degrees out there right now without humidity!

It's been quite a day here so far! Got up and took the kid to the playground this morning before it got so hot, and stopped on the way out the driveway to get the mail, apparently I parked to close to the box and scraped up the whole side of the van when I pulled out. Went to the park and then the grocery store for a few things, Rylan and Sophia were both holy terrors in there! So we came straight home instead of going to the dollar store. Ry has been incredibly whiney all day so I made him take a nap- he came out four times before finally giving it up and going to sleep. So finally everyone fell asleep (except Alyssa) and I decided to scrub, filled the pail and of course, Hannah woke up *sigh*
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