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July 15th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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Hi everyone, its been sooooo long since I checked in.
Life has been busy with 3 girls...6, 2, and 5 months.
Anyways I need to get my 5month old to sleep at least an 8 hour stretch.
Im too exhausted and really in my gut, I feel like she needs to sleep longer at night
for her sake too.
She's over 16lbs, and is EBF. She'll go down at night at around 8pm, then she sometimes sleeps
till 12-1am, then its like every 2 hours to 'snack' on the boob. Then up and awake to start the day at 6am. I need help, should I just put her to bed in her crib at 8pm and feed her at midnight, then when she wakes up later on, just ignore her cries? I have been told that she doesnt need those 'snacks' and I know its a comfort thing.

I react to her every cry because I sleep in a bed beside her crib, so she wiggles, moans, cries and she gets the boob.

HELP, you would think after 3 kids I'd know what to do, I just suck and sleep training. It took me a year to get my 2yr old to sleep through out the night.
Thank you!!

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