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July 15th, 2013, 04:10 PM
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Day/night confusion sucks. I think letting in as much natural light as possible during the day, and getting them out in the sunshine a few times a day, helps. As does keeping the lights as low as possible at night, keep it dark and quiet.

I feel you on the sleep deprivation. I am getting tiny bits of REM sleep here and there but often getting woken out of a dream once it starts, which makes me even more tired I think. Use caution if you're driving or anything like that, but otherwise just accept the zombie life I feel sort of brain dead most of the time but luckily at this point the whole diaper change, breastfeeding, wipe up spit ups thing is pretty automatic so I can just get through the day alright. Sometimes I realize how brain dead I am when I am trying to remember something, or someone tries to hold a serious conversation with me or I need to make a decision. Or I see a pic of myself from the past few days and it's like "holy dark undereye circles" haha.

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