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July 15th, 2013, 07:15 PM
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Today Atti had his follow up appointment with the doctor and it was mostly not a very good appointment at all so here are the things we talked about (although probably not in order I am pregnant my memory sucks.)

Weight: He is losing weight again a little over a pound which for most kids is not much but when you only weigh 20 at almost 18 months it is an issue. He also still is not growing and is stalled at 27 inches. To illustrate how tiny he is he was wearing 6 month pants to daycare today his height is less then 2nd percentile and weight just under 2nd he is SUPER small. Because he has had ear/sinus infections we are going to recheck in a month.

Ear/Sinus infections: Ears are clear, nose was clear but is reinfected. She is putting him on a stronger antibiotic for longer to try to wipe it out completely and going to try adding an allergy med that he would stay on long term. I hate medicine and the idea of doing the allergy med long term makes me sad but hey gotta do what we gotta do.

MRI: She gave me a copy of the report basically the suspected grey matter is in the frontal lobe. From what I have found on Google without going to far into the rabbit hole of scary things that can happen most often they cause seizures if anything and sometimes they don't cause any problems at all. I posted the actual MRI report in my playroom for him and another momma says her son has the same thing and does have seizures found on EEG. She was told it is possible it is caused by a lack of oxygen during labor and delivery. Atticus did have a very large decel lasting about 5 minutes while I was in labor so now I am going to bring that up. I also had taken videos and pictures to show her of his eyelids drooping and him zoning out during lunch one day last week based on those we decided to do an EEG before the referral to the neurologist. That is going to suck for me having to keep him awake from 2am until the appt when I normally fall asleep around 3-4. Thank goodness it is only one day.

And just because I believe in staying positive no matter how crazy life is with me and Atticus medically a couple quotes from my way to smart for his own good 5 year old...

I'm just a booger eater' he says

'Boogers don't go in tissues. Boogers are for eating because they are just a little juicy!' He says.

and "Mom When I was at Grandma's I had cherry pits going down my esophagus but don't worry the stomach acid will keep them from growing into trees." He went into great detail about the digestive process after that... I better get him registered for Kindergarten soon.

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