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July 15th, 2013, 08:17 PM
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As for me...

We have only told our son, who's 7. It was just too difficult to keep talking in code and we knew that no matter what happened, we wouldn't be able to hide it from him. Not too mention he has wanted a sibling so badly for so long. Other than him we have told no one except the new ob I am using, the pharmacist, and my dh had to tell his employer bc he knew we were going through fertility treatments.

For me it seems to get easier to not tell as time goes on, but unfortunately we have had to white lie at times when asked when we were starting our ivf process and when asked why I wasn't drinking. That part was kind of hard.

We are planning on telling when we are almost to the 2nd trimester right before we go on vacation. We'll tell our parents first and then I think we are going to have a pool party / bbq to tell the rest of the family and our close friends. Still don't know how we are going to come out with it though. I'm kind of nervous about it, but I still have like a month before then so there's still lots of time. I'm the most nervous to tell my mom, dad, and lil sis who are not having an easy time lately.

So that's me! How about all of you?
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