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July 15th, 2013, 09:14 PM
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I haven't told yet. I want to know for sure how far along I am first. I also want to at least get past the next ultrasound and possibly even the one after that. I'm just too afraid of something happening and having to tell people I lost the baby. I'd like to minimize the risk.

I'm finding I want to tell pretty badly now! It's getting hard to keep it in. There is one person who knows though-my best friend. I called and told her before I told OH! As far as telling people-I'll call my immediate family members individually and tell them (I live away.) For OH's family we'll probably announce at a get together if there's one coming up. If not, then I suppose we'll just go around and tell them individually too. I'm nervous about everyone's reaction as I'm pretty sure they'll all assume it was an accident. But we'll set them straight and hopefully they'll see how happy we are.

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