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July 15th, 2013, 11:40 PM
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ugh, i know excatly what you ladies mean!

I was told that my 3 cats will think of my baby as a new cat and then will stand over it and suck the life out of it.............................. so thats why pregnant ladies shouldnt own cats.

and I was told my big shepard mix will snap at my baby, or attack it when it pulls on her ears and tail. So I was like, ok so thats why when my friends 10 month old came over, she pulled on her ears, tail and fur hard but my dog sat there contently?
and there response was "that was a one time thing, she'll eventually get sick of it"

Also, the coffee thing drives me nuts.. I keep getting told my kid will have adhd or be a preemie.

I actually perodically crave fish during this pregnancy, but I keep that hush hush to avoid more annoying advice. *yes I do still eat fish.*

its like we are Porcelain glass dolls that will break, if we do anything thats out of the "norm"
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