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July 16th, 2013, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by redbirds View Post
Aww... your Nathaniel sounds like a smart and VERY curious little man!

Prayers for Atti. Poor little guy, he seems so sweet from the pics in your siggy. I hope this is something that is correctible! Maybe the infections are impacting his eating habits? You are doing everything you can, so keep up the good work!

Why do you have to keep him awake from 2am on? I can't imagine trying to do that with any of my kids, much less myself! That's tough.

After talking to his daycare teachers and baby sitters it sounds like he might just be a very picky eater. He eats almost everything I feed him but I mostly make things they have tried and liked so that is logical. I made food logs for everywhere he goes (home/daycare/my parents house) So that I can track how much he is actually getting while not in my care because 5 days a week he has dinner at my parents and 3 days a week he has lunch at school. If he is still losing/not gaining at the recheck I am going to see about having pediasure at daycare for him when he doesn't eat well at lunch so that will boost some of the missing calories. I am more worried about height than weight because he is starting to run and Nathaniel is a stick so Atti will probably lose his chub soon and thin out too.

The EEG is sleep deprived so he has to get no more than half his normal amount of sleep and wake up at two. I had a couple done a few years ago when I was having seizures (related to stress) and there is also instructions for what to eat/drink before the test like lots of protein 2 hours before. Basically it is to get your brain in a condition where it is most likely to misbehave. You go in really tired and then they spend a long time attaching all the leads to your head, they have you lay down and they flash a light at different paces until your so annoyed you want to rip all the gunk off your head. Then they let you lay there for a bit and just record for about half an hour while you are quiet. I seem to remember answering questions at some point but I was so tired I barely remember how I got there or home.

As for atti being sweet he is VERY sweet he is a lover/snuggler and a comedian. As for Nate he is bright and loves to learn and seems to have an almost photographic memory (when he wants to use it.) The esophagus stuff he learned from watching The Magic School Bus but he has always repeated random facts that he heard or saw it is amazing.

(Wow I babble when tired!)

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