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July 16th, 2013, 08:54 AM
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Had a panic yesterday while at work. I wasn't feeling good in general and just felt a little off. I felt like I had to pee and started to the bathroom when I felt a gush, SO SCARY! I got in there and it was blood dark red coming out like crazy. I am just over 19 weeks and thought, how in the world could this be happening?!? I soaked up as much as I could with toilet tissue (while beginning to cry hysterically) and got my things and got my butt to the hospital. They checked us out and the baby was moving around fine, fluid looked good, placenta looked good, cervix was closed and long enough still and her heartbeat was 160. My heartbeat wasn't far behind at 127 but it was down to normal before I left after I saw baby. The bleeding slowed quite a bit after the first couple of hours and I've only had one more spurt this morning after #2. But pink on the tissue every time I wipe still.

They sent me home and told me that my OB wanted me to call and come in next week. I'm resting today and am supposed to go back to work tomorrow. They told me to monitor her movements, but I'm not feeling her move much at all, like only one little nudge or two a day so that makes it hard. It's my first though, so that probably is pretty normal.

I am so SCARED still because this is my first, I'm 36 and we did a frozen embryo transfer to get to this point. I so want our little girl to be ok. I can't believe how much love I already have for her!

Please, please pray with me for all to be ok with this little one!
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