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July 16th, 2013, 09:22 AM
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Do you feed your baby at specific times each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner?) Yes, usually. We often also offer puffs (fruit) and/or banana dissolvable cookies for snacks in b/t

Where does baby eat? (high chair, seat, at table, in lap, etc). Mostly in his high chair but, sometimes on Mommy's lap.

How much solid food does baby usually eat during one meal time? Depends. If it's jarred (1.5-2) - fruit and veggie for dinner; fruit/formula for lunch; cereal w/ just H20 for breakfast

Does baby eat the same meals you fix for the family? No, Liam has a super strong gag-reflux, which my other children didn't have. We try dif things (mashed pot, mashed veggies, etc.) and he always chokes.

What are some of your baby's favorite foods? sweet pot, squash, greens

Do you offer drinks with each feeding? We will do a bottle shortly after but, I offer water in his sippy throughout the day - he usually just plays with the cup.

Do you let baby feed themselves? Only his snacks. I do allow him to play with his spoon and bowl though (w/ no content) - appears to have the hang of it so, maybe I'll try some thicker oatmeal so it doesn't fall off b/f he gets the spoon to his mouth.

Are there some foods you feed baby without letting them feed themselves? Almost all of it.

Any tips/tricks to make cleanup easier? I like Amy's idea. Most of it hits the floor and we just end up picking it up along with our 3 y.o.'s mess. We also keep wipes ready and waiting b/c Liam is bound to swat at us a time or two (he thinks it's funny)!.
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