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July 16th, 2013, 10:52 AM
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I hear ya. During my first pregnancy my job required me to walk and stand ALL day. By policy we had 2 fifteen minute breaks and a half hour break. That was the only time I was allowed to sit. My boss was fully set on that too.

I used to go home and just cry because my back, hips and feet hurt so bad. It got to the point all I did was work, eat and sleep. THATS it. I finally just flat out couldn't handle it anymore (I carry OUT so I was huge, and Wyatt was malpositioned so I HURT) about 20 days before he was born. The difference in the way I felt was night and day.

This time I have a sit down job. It requires a lot of multitasking and you can eat and have breaks only if its not busy. So far I'm doing ok but I just dread work, I have trouble keeping up as easy because of my preggo brain and it makes me a lot more tired.
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