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July 16th, 2013, 05:02 PM
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Posts: 394 work today. I went from having a little trouble breathing to full on hyperventilation, dizziness, chest tightening, and major fatigue.
Just so happened there was a paramedic in the store, someone that I know also. He told me to sit down, have some water and eat some candy. I started feeling a little better. They checked my blood sugar with the glucometer from the pharmacy and it was 96-so normal. They checked my BP and it was 108/75 I usually run about 115-118/ that seemed low to me but my oh so caring pharmicist just shrugged and said "well I doubt you have anything to worry about". Gee thanks, I'm 4 months pregnant and almost blacked out, I'm sure it's just hormones or something

I called the Doc on call at the OB/GYN and she said to go home, put my feet up and take it easy. If I'm not feeling any better tomorrow I'm supposed to come in for tests. She also said I need to not worry about just eating breakfast lunch and dinner and start trying to squeeze in small meals whenever I can throughout the day.

ugh what a craptastic day.
Lost about 5 hrs of work on my measly paycheck and my stress level is ridiculous right now.

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