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July 16th, 2013, 06:32 PM
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9 weeks, 0 days

Before we get into the update, thanks for checking in, ladies! I stalk you regularly and miss you all very much! I even had a dream that we all met up in a big city that I'd never been to before, and we all had our little newborn with us... except for Nicholle who had 3 newborns!

Symptoms: Puking in the morning -- doesn't matter if I eat before getting out of bed or not. Sleeping through the night will probably not happen again for 18 years. Once I get out of bed to use the restroom, I'm just awake. The constipation is getting so much better.

On Saturday, I had flu-like symptoms. Nausea, puking, no appetite, chills (but no fever), and body aches. I swear, it was the worse than morning sickness... I was helpless and pretty much slept all day.

Weight: -2 lbs this week. Total weightloss: 21 lbs! Dr told me that She doesn't want me to lose too much more... try to just maintain at this point. I told her that it's really hard because I've been eating tons of carbs, but then I get sick and so it didn't really matter... uh...

Cravings: Pretzels, maple sugar poptarts (we found some with extra fiber, so yay!), rice, peaches.

Aversions: Meat... bread (although I have been able to eat toast as long as it's super toasted!)

Baby Update: My baby is 2.2 cm and has a heartbeat of 182.

DH Update: So surprised that baby's heartbeat is so high! Dr had to reassure him that it's ok! I've been a little more helpful with cleaning/cooking the last two days, and I know he appreciates that. But he insists on doing the dirty work (taking out the trash).

Appointments: Here's the baby from today:

I still can't believe how much I love this little baby already. I seriously can't stop thinking about how amazing it is...

Anyway, the appointment: Doctor says that baby looks good and reiterated that I'm definitely pregnant! It's growing well and I was measuring 8 wk, 6 days -- so just a day off from last time.

My blood pressure was great today! Since I'm traveling 60 miles to the doctor, she said that every time we come to town to just stop by the clinic and have it checked to make sure things are OK. With my intercranial hypertension, one of my secondary symptoms was outrageously high blood pressure, so we just have to be careful. I'm kind of worried because I've been having a full feeling in the back of my head -- just like I did when my headaches started. Hopefully it's just an effect of changing from a great med to an ok-but-safe-for-baby med.

Other news: We gave Oreo (our black australorp rooster) to a family that lives on a small farm outside our little town. The family has about 10 grandkids who are out there often and when two of them came to pick up Oreo last night, he was incredibly well-behaved with them! Oreo was starting to get VERY aggressive towards Stripey (bantam rooster) and was constantly picking at Yellow (our only hen). It was so bad last night, I just cried and kicked Oreo as he had his beak clamped down on my little Yellow lady. So I think this change is for the best.

Also, I've been on a mission to super clean our bathrooms. We had really bad hardwater build up in our less-than-a-year-old toilets. I drained the bowls, laid down paper towels then soaked the towels in white vinegar and left overnight. This morning, they were all shiny clean!!!! YAY!!!
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