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July 16th, 2013, 07:13 PM
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At first I just did 1/2 a jar of Stage 1 baby food once a day. Now we are up to 1/2-1jar of Stage 2 baby food 2-3x a day. When he eats baby food he gets less milk with that meal. If he eats a whole jar/tub then sometimes he'll only eat like an oz of milk. Generally his day goes like this but it does change from day to day depending on his mood.

Breakfast- Oatmeal mixed with a bit of fruit and 4oz of milk
Mid morning- 6oz and Nap
Lunch- Fruit or yogurt and 4oz of milk OR 1/2 fruit & 1/2 veggie with 4oz milk
Mid day- 6oz of milk and Nap
Supper- 1 jar veggies or the other half of the fruit and veggies from lunch with 4oz milk. Some days he'll eat another 6oz bottle before this. Just depends.
Night time feeding around 7 or 7:30pm- 6oz then bedtime.

And some days I skip the oatmeal in the mornings. Some where in there he takes a 3rd nap around 4:30 and it's after one of his 6oz bottles. I remember with DS1 that the older he got I started introducing more table type foods so that by the time he was one he would be able to rely strictly on it. Marshall naws on stuff now that we have sometimes if it's something he can't break off, but takes purees for the most part. The older he gets the more I'll give him table food and decrease the formula intake so that he can come off of it at 1.

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