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July 16th, 2013, 07:18 PM
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I can't imagine you will need your pump at the hospital. Not a lot comes out right away and if you do need it they should have an electric one for you to use. Additionally I think the skin to skin and BF is best for that first day or two.

In my experience nipple confusion is entirely up to each baby some get it some don't. Pumping will have no impact. As for lotion nothing is better than our own milk. Just hand express a couple of drops and gently rub on sore areas. Best for you and baby.

Take care when showering not to use soap and let air dry or pat dry as towel drying in the first days or weeks can be uncomfortable and cause increased tenderness.

Washable breathable breast pads are best. Look for cotton or a bambo cotton mix.

Hope this helps.
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