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July 16th, 2013, 08:21 PM
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We probably will... I have 4, he has 2 so this will be our 7th all up BUT our first together. Something was mentioned at my daughters 1st Birthday in June about no more babies, which my Mum responded with there better be no more and I told her my uterus my choice She later asked me if I was being serious and I said I was, she thought I meant we were TTC now which would be completely stupid if were the case and therefore I'd understand her apprehension. Once I assured her that I have goals I need to complete first, she seemed to understand the yearn for a child with Loz and seemed fine with it. His family would be fine I'd think. His sister has 7 children with her husband and his other sister has 4, a step child, and I don't believe she's done yet.

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