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July 16th, 2013, 08:48 PM
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Not from my family. Well my moms BIL always has something to say about stopping at one and how he should've (they have 4kids) which I think is sad. But no one else will. Maybe they think it and are good at hiding it, but I don't think they do.

DH's family on the other hand will. Unless we have a girl I know DH's parents won't be happy. When we told them DS1 was a boy MIL didn't say anything but "Are you serious?!" and not in a happy way either. Then when he told them we were pregnant with DS2 she didn't say anything about it the whole pregnancy. Not "when are you due" "How is everything going" "congrats", nada! She didn't even look at him, hold him or say any thing about him when they seen him at a couple of days old. FIL only said "I figured it'd happen soon" and DH's papaw constantly said "Yeah I bet its a girl." or "I sure hope its a girl that way you'll have one of each and can stop" and he's made comments to SIL saying "I told Travis he better not get her pregnant again" Uh yeah like its your business or choice! Ugh anyway didn't mean to get off on a rant, it just stirs me up when I get to talkin about it again. So yes I do think some of DH's family will have a problem with it. The only reason MIL will be happy is if it's a girl (she has 3 grandsons) and if she all the sudden acts like she cares about that one (if it was a girl) then I will sure as heck be saying something to her.

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