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July 17th, 2013, 04:52 AM
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Update- I'm feeling much much better! My OB got me worked in yesterday afternoon over at the high risk Doctor that I've been going to. They checked and also couldn't see any spots where the blood came from so he said whatever it was it seems to have subsided. The baby looked fine moving around in there as usual, good heart rate, placenta looked good and he said my cervix looked great. Also, yesterday as the day went on the spotting got lighter and lighter. He did see some matter floating in the fluid with the baby which he said could have been absorbed through the walls of the sac if the bleed was in the uterus somewhere. I lost a twin at 7 1/2 weeks so it is possible that it could have had something to do with the other sac...Either way the doctor was very positive and encouraging so that was super helpful. He also gave us a sneak peak at a 4D US, she is still a little bony in there so it was kind of freaky, but cool too.

I felt her moving around a lot yesterday when I got home so I am HAPPY about that!!

While at the hospital they put me in the labor and delivery triage unit which is supposed to specialize in pregnancy emergencies. They were all super nice and comforting but the first doctor I saw was a resident and not that experienced, also their equipment was not that great, very surprising for a hospital I thought. (maybe that shows my lack of experience) Also the cold gel sucked after I've gotten spoiled with the warm stuff at the OB and high risk Doc.

Looking back I would have called one of my Doctors before going to the hospital, but they may have told me to go in anyway with the gush of blood I was having. I'm learning that pregnancy can be one of the hardest things any of us ever do in our lives, it is SUCH a blessing and a beautiful gift from God, but hard just the same.

Thanks to everyone for all the beautiful thoughts and prayers! Y'all are GREAT!!
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