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July 17th, 2013, 04:52 AM
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I am okay with nuts been out of school but the school my daughter goes to here will not even let them bring anything that "may" contain traces or is made in the a factory where they "may" use nut products. Hello, that rules out 99% of snacks. Really, pretzels are about the only snacks I can send with her; I spent several minutes ruling out different things that she likes at the grocery store. She is pretty picky about her snacks and she likes this bubble bar (made from rice crispies I think) but it "may" contain traces of nuts so she can't take it to school. I find it really annoying and shallow. So, if she brings fried chicken from home how do you know it's not fried in peanut oil. One of nieces has severe dairy allergy and nearly died last year because she must have touched someone's dairy product and touched her mouth with her touch (her tongue started swelling and she couldn't breathe and they had to get an ambulance at school and all) but all her school has not been made dairy free for her. From a young age she knew what to avoid and she does a good job about it. There will be slip ups like the incident that happened but there are other ways to address the issues. The mom, who is a doctor, helped the school write and put a procedure in place that involved having an epipen in school (an emergency shot for life threatening allergies). If we "fix" the school, do we "fix" the mall, church, park, etc? So, I can agree with excluding peanut itself (or not allowing stuff containing traces for public consumption) but I should be able to send my child with a snack that is affordable that she likes and not have my child starve because of another child. That is the part that really aggravates me.

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